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Sarah Rhen Lamade

independent arts, culture, and museum management consultant

I work with artists, collectives, teams, and organizations across borders on projects that bring people together around the arts and culture. 


I have nearly 10 years of experience in the cultural sector and a master’s degree in Arts Administration from Columbia University, including training in participatory research methodologies, conflict resolution, museum education, and evaluation strategies for the arts.

These are the practices that guide my approach to our creative collaboration: 

Inclusive participation to bring diverse collaborators, key stakeholders, and critical constituents to the table

Prioritizing antiracist narratives and decolonizing representations of history and heritage

Evidence-based planning and action toward positive structural impact

Ongoing evaluation of engagement and change management

Qualitative research methodologies for incisive reflection and contextual analysis of systems and practices in arts management

Multilingual, multimodal, and accessible communications

Centering the voices, needs, and desires of the target audience/communities

Fostering communities of collective stewardship of the arts and culture

Get in touch to partner and collaborate on...

Art Gallery Open Space

Arts Management

  • Strategic visioning and planning

  • Program planning and coordination

  • Exhibition co-design and development

  • Program and project evaluation and assessment

Taking Notes


  • Audience / community engagement research

  • Organizational ethnography

  • Sector research, benchmarking, and analysis

  • Participatory & qualitative research

Writing on tablet


  • Content development

  • Grant writing and donor reporting

  • Documenting your best practices into journal articles

  • Arts, culture, and intercultural curriculum development

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