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About Me


I grew up in the Susquehanna River valley of Central Pennsylvania, and was fortunate to have the privilege and opportunity to travel abroad and interact with diverse, international peers at a young age. This fueled my interest early on in culture, language, and the arts, and my understanding of the connecting and restorative power of intercultural dialogue. 

I studied anthropology and linguistics at the University of Rochester in upstate New York, and spent a semester living and studying in Santiago de Chile where I found deep and lasting friendship through language exchange. After college, I received a Fulbright fellowship to teach spoken English and US culture to middle schoolers in India. There, I met my now-husband, bringing the love and connection of interculturality firmly into my everyday family life as I build relationships with my in-laws and now raise our biracial son. 


After my fellowship, I completed my Masters in Arts Administration at Columbia University in New York City, during which time I got to know the city through its diverse cultural institutions. I later worked at a six-decades old, Rockefeller-founded, intercultural exchange organization serving artists and arts professionals across the US and Asia. 

I bring this passion for connection through arts and culture to my consulting practice and partnerships. Beyond my work, I enjoy being in nature and around water, baking, and reading novels that span generations and borders.

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